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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Student Voice Poll: Students are more into not paying the $400.

The result of the last Students voice reveals that most of the voters are against the $400 required by AUI-S for books and dorms.
Question of the poll was, “Should AUI-S students pay the $400 for books and dorms”. Each week Student posts a question online to see how students respond. The question sourced from the last change in the AUI-S payment policy.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Back to Page 37 From the Academic Catalogue of the American University of Iraq-Suliamani

by Bahman Abdulrahman

Universities are striving to take steps forward in accordance to the rules they are founded upon. Whereas, for most, enduring these rules is the measure of triumph and a gentle guidance for future, replacing them, for a few, is a clear indication of failure.
Logical principals of an epoch may fit future eras with no retouching. The American University of Iraq- Sulaimani, in a matter of three years has not step in line with its fundamental polices.  Perchance, the university’s recent decree illustrates this point evidently.  

"We Will Not Pay A Penny" campaign started moving

Today, Wednesday Oct 6th, celebrating with the last group of  the EWPLI level four students, “We Will Not Pay a Penny “complain activists began the first move toward not paying the $400 imposed by AUI-S. While most students finished their last classes in The English Writing Program and Language Institute (EWPLI), in joy and gratefulness welcomed the campaigners.

Monday, October 4, 2010

AUI-S:This is not what We came for.

by Hemn Muhammed

As a citizen who lives in Suli, I am aware of a policy that most of the restaurants use to attract customers. This policy is so simple, and it is when a new restaurant opens, owners provide the best food, service, and good prices for the people, and when customers go there  think that the person has been sent by God to serve them. However, the restaurants provide good service until they will be sure that the reputations of the restaurants are good among people, and soon they start neglecting the quality of the food and services. Also, sometimes the Ministry of Health fines them because of the bad food and serving expired food. Now, you may ask me why I mention the situation about the restaurants.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

AUI-S Asks Students to Buy Their Books in the Bookstore

According to an e-mail sent out by Paul Craft, Deputy to the Provost, AUI-S students will not be given books in the classes. They should go and buy the books from the AUI-S bookstore instead.
The e-mail says,
"Your textbooks will NOT be distributed in class this year by your professor, as they were last year.
 Instead, your textbooks will be available ONLY through the AUI-S Bookstore. The Bookstore is located in CABIN 36."
Paul Craft also asks students to bring $100 with them while coming to the bookstore.

We will not Pay a Penny campaign asks students not to give the money and wait until the issue is solved. The students' popular demand is not to give this new tuition which is nothing but a preface to more and more money.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

After the $400, What is Next?

by Muhammad Chawsawa
A lot of times, parties, and a number of occasions, most notably, the Ramadan Eid had elapsed, but, far away from my whole family, I have started a job in Sulaimani in the evenings. Even though I have to work at 5:00pm until 12:00am, I've taken to it like a duck to water because it is in a very salubrious part of the city.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Here is My Penny…!

By Dara Ali
A strange and so called “New Change” AUI-S has recently asked its residential halls students who are from other parts of Iraq to pay on extra $400 for books and dormitory fees for the year. This decision has been hard for many students to swallow while others struggle with the reality that they might no longer be able to afford their AUI-S education.